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ISO/IEC TR 27015 — Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management guidelines for financial services (withdrawn)


This is a guideline intended to help financial services organizations (banks, insurance companies, credit card companies etc.) implement ISMSs using the ISO27k standards.

Although the financial services sector already labors under a vast swathe of risk and security standards (such as ISO TR 13569 “Banking Information Security Guidelines”, SOX and Basel II/III), the ISMS implementation guidance developed by SC 27 reflects ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002 along with various general-purpose security standards such as COBIT and the PCI-DSS requirements.

Scope and purpose

ISO/IEC TR 27015 amplifies and extends some of the recommendations in ISO/IEC 27002 for financial services organizations - for instance, recommending in section 6.2.2 that security awareness activities should cover customers, not just employees. It gives examples of the kinds of awareness message that, say, a bank would be well advised to broadcast to its employees e.g. concerning identity thieves’ use of keylogging Trojans, phishing and social engineering to steal login credentials from customers’ systems.

Overall, the additional guidance in ISO/IEC TR 27015 may not be revolutionary but it is a useful prompt to go beyond the basics suggested in ISO/IEC 27002 in a few areas.


Status of the standard

The standard was published in 2012 as a Technical Report rather than an International Standard, ISO’s way of saying “This is a developing area of expertise that we are not entirely comfortable with”.

The standard was due to be revised to reflect the 2013 releases of 27001 and 27002. Only three changes were proposed by one national body, implying negligible interest in maintaining this standard. Some of the financial industry liaison bodies and SC 27 experts proposed withdrawing it - indicating that they do not value it, and that in fact it may be counterproductive (imposing yet another compliance hurdle in an already heavily regulated industry) ... so the revision project was cancelled and ISO/IEC TR 27015 was withdrawn in 2018.


Personal comments

The limited amount of finance-sector-specific guidance this standard offers above that already available in ISO/IEC 27002, plus concerns over its relationship to finance sector standards developed by JTC1/TC68, linger.

Personally, I think this standards project was ill-conceived in the first place and should never have been launched. This has been an expensive and unnecessary diversion down a blind alley.


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