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This website exists to serve your needs, dear visitor, providing information on the ISO27k standards that we hope you find useful and worthwhile.  However, without your input, we can only guess at what you want.  Therefore we crave your feedback ...


Option 1: email us your thoughts.  We like hearing from you.  Don’t be shy.  Tell us what you like, and what you don’t like.  Point out our typos and more serious errors.  Put us right.  Tell us off.  Complain about the site design, broken links, gramattttical and spilling errors, whatever.  The floor is all yours.


SurveyGizmoOption 2: complete a quick online survey (just 3 questions!) courtesy of the very nice people over at Survey Gizmo.


Option 3: raise something of concern or sound out your improvement suggestions and so forth on the ISO27k Forum.  Find out whether you peers share your views.  Kick some ideas around.



Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement thus far.  It makes the effort and expense involved in maintaining this website worthwhile and warms the cockles of our hearts.


So go ahead, warm our cockles!

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