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IsecT’s main line of business is NoticeBored, the security awareness subscription service.

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The primary purpose of this website is to describe, promote and share good information security practices described in the ISO/IEC 27000-series information security management systems standards. We have used and contributed to the ISO27k standards for over 20 years, back to the days of the Code of Practice for Information Security and then BS7799.

In pure financial terms, this is a ‘not for profit’ project. We do our best to keep the website and forum noncommercial, but naturally we are very grateful for the financial support of our advertisers and sponsors that at least partly defrays our costs.

Most of all, what keeps us going is the genuine interest and support from the wider community of ISO27k users, particularly the more experienced professionals on the ISO27k Forum. Your generous inputs to the Forum and the Toolkit, along with the enthusiastic feedback on our survey, mean a great deal to us. Thanks all.

We are evangelical about information security and wish to spread the good word about the ISO27k standards. It is our pleasure to provide the ISO27k information on this site, including the ISO27k Toolkit and running the ISO27k Forum, free of charge for users.


Most of the information on this website was created and belongs to IsecT Ltd. It is protected by copyright law, hence the page footers state copyright Copyright web bug 14 pixel IsecT Ltd. 2016.