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Published ISO27k standards

Free ISO27k Toolkit Hot stuff!

The ISO27k Toolkit comprises a suite of samples/templates and guidance to get your ISMS implementation off to a flying start.  Now at version 6.2.

ISO27k Forum Hot stuff!  Very popular discussion forum for ISO27k pros.

The ISO27k Forum is a supportive global community of over 2,800 infosec pro’s. Whether you are drafting or using the ISO27k standards, by all means join the in-crowd.

ISO27k news & website updates

April 23 Status updates: ISO/IEC 27033 (net-sec), 27034 (app-sec), 27035 (incident mgmt), 27039 (IDS/IPS), 27040 (storage-sec), 27043 (forensics) and 27050 (eDiscovery).

April 6 ISO/IEC 27021 NWIP (competencies & knowledge for infosec managers).  Status update 27017 (cloud).

April 1st - no joke ISO/IEC 27036-1 (overview of ICT supply chain suite, FREE!) published.

ISO/IEC 27038 (redaction) published. ISO27k Toolkit and ISO27k timeline updated. ISAL project may restructure ISO27k.

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