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ISO/IEC 27551 — Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection — Requirements for attribute-based unlinkable entity authentication [DRAFT]



“Internet sites often collect more than necessary information during the PII principal’s access to the service thus making it possible to link visits from the same PII principal to different sites or to link two or more visits from the same PII principal to the same site. To overcome this issue ISO/IEC 27551 provides a framework and establishes requirements for attribute-based unlinkable entity authentication.”
[Source: SC27 Standing Document 11 (2021)]


Attribute-Based Unlinkable Entity Authentication is a mechanism for authenticating unfamiliar parties through the services of a mutually-trusted third party, whilst maintaining privacy of the authenticated.

‘Unlinkable’ refers to the need to be able to handle and process personal information anonymously, in a way that precludes being able to identify the original data subjects from the information being communicated and processed.


Scope of the standard

The standard will define a framework and requirements for ABUEA.


Content of the standard




Currently at Draft International Standard stage.

May yet surface in 2021.


Personal notes

I ought to catch up with this project!


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