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ISO/IEC 27564

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ISO/IEC TR 27564 Privacy protection Guidance on the use of models for engineering [DRAFT]







Scope of the standard

Guidance on applying the Model-Based Systems and Software Engineering (MBSSE) approach to design appropriate privacy controls in to complex systems using conceptual models.


Content of the standard




Work started in 2021.

The Preliminary Work Item study generated a specification and draft Technical Report (possibly a Technical Specification - I’m not sure yet).

This project is running  s l o w  ,  even by SC 27 standards.

Personal notes

Explains the use of ISO/IEC/IEEE 24641:2023 - Methods and tools for model-based systems and software engineering and other relevant standards such as ISO/IEC 27555 (models for deletion of personal information), ‘27556 (models for managing privacy preferences), ‘27559 (models for de-identification) and ‘27561 (POMME), for privacy engineering.



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